Florian Ritter

Florian Ritter

I love to photograph stories, because I can spend a very large amount of time with people to get to know them, learn about their life and picture from their greatest angles.

Charles Owens lives for music and the music lives for him
(client: Sonova – Los Angeles)

Charles Owens is a jazz musician – and he wears hearing aids from Sonova brand Phonak. The saxophone player finds them crucial, not only for listening to music and communicating with the members of his band, but also to help him teach his students and stay fully focused when his nine-year-old grandson practices saxophone with him.

Natália Martins

(client: Sonova – Rio de Janeiro)

Natália Martins is a professional volleyball player and wears hearing aids from the Sonova brand Phonak. Since she has been using hearing aids since her hearing loss in childhood, she can freely interact with her environment and has made it to the Brazilian national team in her career. Now, she is bidding farewell to her homeland for a career in Europe.

Emma shares her passion for Bees and hand mades
(client: Sonova – Chicago)