Florian Ritter

Florian Ritter

Emerging Photographer Review

In Florian Ritter’s photographer review, he helps young photographers understand their purpose when photographing and how to continuously enhance their photographic work. Additionally, he offers comprehensive support and portfolio reviews to help young photographers present and enhance their work professionally. In these one-hour sessions, participants receive detailed feedback and practical tips for optimizing their portfolios.


Portfolio Review and Feedback
In-depth evaluation and constructive feedback for your print and web portfolios.

Image Selection and Compilation
Guidance on selecting and organizing images for digital, and web portfolios.

Visual Language and Project Planning
Tips for enhancing your visual style and planning personal projects.


2 Online-Meetings á 45 minutes
—180 €

1 Offline-Meeting 90 minutes
 (in person with printed materials)
 —220 €

15 minutes Warm Up Call
— Free of charge