After one month not writing anything on my blog I thought its time to tell what I am doing and what I did the past 4 weeks. The highlight for the month of June was for sure my internship with DPA. Since I’ve been there my hunger for photojournalism has been grown. But still it looks really bad to earn any money with photography right now. Everybody is saving money, and even well known photographers have to get the “in-need-ration” from their accounts. So, all I can do is carry on taking pictures. (I think I said a couple of months ago already, anyways). Actually I earned my first money with photography, shooting a wedding. Even though I like what I did, I don’t like to show it either here nor on my website.

Lets talk about yesterday night: At the Schanzenfest, many capitalism enemies found together to celebrate life. Only a couple of seconds later the official end was announced through a microphone from a music stage, the first bottles flew through the air. I found myself in a middle of a big fight within less than a minute. First, crazy than I began to photograph and got used to the situation pretty quick. I just needed to be careful with bottles coming from above.

Two demonstrants hide behind a wodden shield, while the police try with the use of water guns to clear the street in Hamburg.

A signal rocket burns in one of the streets in Hamburg, Schanze area.

Police forces clear up blocked streets with burning bycicles, trash bins and furniture.

A punk shows his feeling against police water guns in a little side alley of the “Schanze”.

In front of the police station Stresemannstrasse, a police car is burning.

Flying bottles, explosive cannon and signal rockets. Hamburg, Schanze, 4th of july


  1. The boy with the blue Sweatshirt on the first photo died in february… suicide by train
    it hurts to see this fucking picture but thank you.

  2. Hey everyone, I haven’t done this for a while, my blog and stuff … life changed a lot for me since I wrote my last entry. only a few hours before my son was born.

    Reading these commments make me think going back more into street photography.
    Thanks a lot everyone.


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